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Nexia Basel Abusalah & Partners
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Compliance and setting up overseas

Doing business overseas brings a host of tax opportunities, traps and complexities. Our network’s global reach enables you or your business to benefit from an extensive portfolio of tax consulting services.

Tax complexities has constantly evolved in recent years and complying with them has required much more effort, time and knowledge, and the risk of non-compliance has increased significantly alongside them.

We and Nexia’s member firms, around the globe, can advise you on a wide range of tax compliance, tax planning and tax advisory issues.

Value Added Tax

Now that VAT  (Value Added Tax) implementation in the GCC is confirmed, we can assist your accounting department implement not just the VAT system but also understand its mechanism.

Our staff are fully trained to assist you discharge your VAT obligations on time. We will train your staff understand your responsibility and how to discharge it and reflect these in your accounting reporting. We will help you comply with your VAT returns as required by the Tax Office.

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