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Nexia Basel Abusalah & Partners
Chartered Accountants and Auditors

Wealth management

We provide business owners strategic financial planning, help identify their financial goals and set an action plan for building and preserving their wealth. Also, member firms in our network offer a wide range of wealth management services, for example managing cash flow and debt, reducing tax liability, identifying tax planning opportunities and avoiding potential pitfalls, improving your investment portfolio, planning charitable giving, making retirement provisions and advising on the use of offshore and other specialist trusts and other tax savings vehicles.

Ensuring you financial success for you and your family is one of your primary aims. We will look into your unique situation to enable you make the best use of your valuable assets during your lifetime and provide an efficient means of transferring wealth to the next generation.

Our member firms across the world can often provide expert,custom-made solutions focusing on driving profitability ,value and growth, to help you plan and execute a strategy for the future of yourbusiness.You can access a wide range of business advisory services,such as business and strategic planning, succession and exit planning, advice on business and ownership structures and working capital management.

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